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Bring Angela Home  - The Ideal Solution for Active Dog Breeds

With Bring Angela Home , you can save yourself the energy and worries of dealing with a restless and hyper dog. Our unique dog walking services are designed to meet the specific needs of active dog breeds, providing them with the adventure they crave and the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. Say goodbye to concerns about your dog's energy levels and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your furry friend is happy and well-taken care of.

Contact us today to treat your special dog friend to an exciting day of adventure with Bring Angela Home .

We provide services in Ventura and Parts of Oxnard ( radius 15 min drive from Ventura).

We are Dog CPR certified, licensed and insured. 

1) 1 hour walk/ park play $60+ (Ventura residents only depending on the area)

2) 2 hours beach walk or hike on dog friendly trails. $75+( depending on your dog needs, trails of preference and behavior patterns. Oxnard, East Ventura +15$)

3) 1/2 hour private walk $45

Does your dog need to be walked privately? We offer a half hour walk as well. This service is for westside,  downtown and midtown Ventura residents only.

3) Half day extrusion to the Mountains 4-5 hours. $150+ 

If you really want to treat your bestie, we do provide occasional half day adventures 

4) Hotel dog services are available. For ones who travel with dogs. Let us take your puppy on adventure while you explore beautiful Ventura! Please text for free consultation. Hotel services are catered to your needs. 



Available Packages:

1) 2 Hours Walk with 3> days a week monthly commitment  $100/walk

*Prices vary depending on the area and your dogs personal needs and behavior on walks. 

Extra dog:

+$25 on 1 hour walks

+$30 on 2-5 hours walks

We pride ourselves in providing the best care with attention to EVERY dog we are taking out. You will never see us with more than 3-4 dogs at the time, you will never see us sitting on our phone during the walk.  If you have a dog or several dogs that require private walks please contact us for quote.





Call or Text 1(805)-258-1856 


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